We specialise in the design and build of Green Oak timber frames. We also undertake traditional carpentry in softwood and other timber.

At the Green Oak Framing Company we're  passionate about all things timber.

We are based in Bristol and we take pride in hand crafting beautiful timber frames for clients across the south-west of England.

Timber is arguably the oldest and the most versatile building material of them all. It is ecological, sustainable, carbon neutral, fully recyclable, light, strong, insulating, durable and amazingly beautiful to view and touch.

Timber buildings are unique, exciting and offer a quality of life and work that is second to none. A timber frame has an imposing timeless beauty much like the skeleton of a dinosaur. Seeing the mighty posts and beams offers a sense of reassurance and calm that only a hand crafted natural building will ever be able to achieve. And, unlike most other things in life, timber buildings improve with age.

The Green Oak Framing Company adopts a flexible and open approach to your build. For some clients we build bespoke oak frames alone. In some cases we undertake the complete building envelope – cladding, roofing and glazing. On smaller projects, where programming is crucial, we can also carry out ground works and demolition to ensure the seamless progress of your build.


We’ve been crafting timber structures for a number of years but, as you can see as you take a look through our website, we're as excited and enthusiastic about them as we were on our first day.